southwoods dining hall

Southwoods Meal Locations


  • Dining Hall
  • Outdoor Grove
  • Beach Pavilion

Southwoods Dining Hall and Grove

Meal Hightlights
  • Split Meals between upper and lower camp
  • All-you-can-eat, Family style main dishes in addition to three buffets of extra options at each meal
  • Non-stop songs and cheers make breakfast, lunch, and dinner a jovial time!


salad bar

Menu Matters

  • Carefully selected to fit the needs of every camper
  • Kosher style menu selections
  • Fresh Fruit Bar
  • Salad Bar with Soup
  • Potato Bar
  • Pasta Bar
  • Vegetarian options for each meal
  • Very kid – friendly!


snack at camp

banana cake fun


"It could not be any better."

- The Tiedt Family -

Hartsdale, NY


Fuzzy loves Southwoods' fresh fruit station and that they use "green" cleaning supplies.

Meal Time Fun

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